Instagram Guides – Instagram’s New Feature

Instagram has released its new “Instagram Guides” feature for all types of profiles (previously it was only available for a few segments, such as wellness and beauty coaches).
It’s a very elegant and cool feature that allows creators to create guides for tips and tricks or whatever else you can think of. As usual the layout is very nice and friendly, and it’s also very easy to create.
For example, you can preselect a number of posts from your feed and create an Instagram Guides using a certain number of posts.

Then add a title and caption for each of these posts and post … Voila! In short, this is how you create a guide.
To access the Instagram Guides feature, you may want to click on the one I created, scroll all the way through the guide, and you should normally have a button to “activate” feature creation for your profile, so follow the link:

Example of the new Instagram Guides

Guides are therefore another great tool for content creators of all kinds, and the possibilities for offering new content creation methods are plentiful!


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